Vision, Values & Performance Workshop

Vision, Values & Performance Workshop

Empowering Your Team to Move Forward with a Common Purpose! 

A workshop that brings your whole team together – not by trying to “fix their weaknesses” – but by focusing on their strengths!

Our appreciative approach is a powerful, highly successful process for change.

If your team is feeling disjoined or is experiencing some friction, this 1-Day experience will bring them together, increase their combined commitment, and unify them towards a common goal. 

If your team is new (or if you’re experiencing one of those rare moments when everyone appears to be getting along) then this workshop is even more powerful – strengthening interpersonal connections and taking their group performance to the next level. 

This Workshop Includes:

  • Full- Day Workshop for up to 24 attendees.
  • Individual, Group & Team Exercises
  • Mixed-Media Presentation 
  • Professional Facilitation
  • Tailored Results Package
  • Actionable post-workshop "To-Do's"
  • Workbook, Notebook, Pens and Promotional Giveaway (including additional support materials) 
  • Flexible scheduling (with Offsite facilitation services available)

"Refreshing and Mystifying - [this workshop] helped us to define our shared values, unify our mission, ferret out dysfunction, and provide the organization with a road map for moving forward... all in 1 day.

Paul (Dallas, TX)

"I still can't get over the Values exercise... So powerful. I'm so proud of my team!"

John (Baton Rouge, LA)




Clarifying values begins with becoming more self-aware. This workshop presents an unequalled opportunity for your team to get clear about their guiding principles and then speak plainly about what they believe. 

By the way: We don’t mean those hollow, PC Corporate Values or Mission Statements – not aspirations for how you wished others would perform or goals for the future – we’re talking about those deeply ingrained principles that serve as cultural cornerstones and already guide all of you team’s actions. This module enables personal effectiveness, encourages ethical behavior, promotes strong norms about working hard and caring, and inspires effective teamwork. 

Vision is a dialogue - a future crafted by imagining exciting and enobling possibilities. Together we'll take your team's shared aspirations and assemble a common vision. 

In this module, team members share their ambitions so that others can understand and accept them. They'll learn about their team members' hopes and then create unity of purpose. Most importantly, they'll communicate the things that are most important to them - those beliefs that inspire their actions and determine their performance. 

In the context of shared Values & Vision, we’ll look to expand upon opportunities to increase team performance. 

Performance requires collaboration - shared goals and shared roles toward a common pursuit. As your team works together, they'll recognize that they need one another to be successful – when everyone contributes, successful performance is achieved. In this module, your team will gain commitment to clearly defined incremental steps in applying new and innovative solutions. 

If you're looking for a standard "check-the-box" seminar, this program is NOT for you. 


But if you’re wanting more – a program that’s hyper-focused on creating and sustaining Values, Vision & Performance – then it’s time to

What Makes This Workshop So Effective?

They're Your Goals (Not Ours!)

We begin every engagement by listening to you. We want to hear about your challenges, your desired outcomes, and any special areas of emphasis you want us to focus on. We're particularly adept at providing insight that can help you gain the full potential from your team - and everything that we do is designed to increase their capabilities and performance. We work with you and your team to create solutions that will best deliver the results that you want to achieve.

Meaningful Exercises

The Vision, Values & Perforance Workshop is a participatory event but there are no "trust-falls" or adolescent metaphors - every activity is engaging, expressive, and on-point. Teams regularly tell us how much they enjoyed sharing their results - they're proud of the work they do in the workshop and you'll be proud to have hosted it.


We all discover, process, and absorb information differently so we design our workshops to target the variety of adult-learning styles by utilizing full-motion presentation decks, video segments, and written exercises, along with verbal and pictorial activities to ensure every participant is engaged.

Behavioral Focus

We get participants to model the behavior that you desire them to have once the workshop is over. There are no tricks here - we simply agree to guidlines for behavior that have been proven to be actionable, replicatable, and effective.

Actionable Results

This workshop isn't a "one-and-done"-type event. Every participant leaves the workshop with skills and habits based on their individual participation (and optional assessment data) that can be immediately incorporated into their work routines.  

This is not a lecture-based program.We facilitate the discussion and activities - and we guide where your team goes - but everyone gets involved and participates! How involved? Well, during the workshop we provide regular breaks... but they're not always taken (when was the last time that happened to your team?!?!)

Furthur personalize your workshop with these AVAILABLE OPTIONS:


PointAbove assessments measure an individual’s tendencies and priorities. They are specifically designed to support and individual’s understanding of his or her work-related behaviors, the behaviors of others, and how to apply this knowledge in work situations.

We utilize assessments to measure (and communicate) an individual’s tendencies and priorities. They are specifically designed to support and individual’s understanding of his or her work-related behaviors, the behaviors of others, and how to apply this knowledge in work situations.

Although there are many self-tests and fad business books available today, experience suggests that evaluations are far more engaging and impactful when the respondent has the insight and support of a trained professional. At PointAbove, our goal is to identify patterns of behavior that can be used to develop and implement solutions for maximizing an individual’s strengths and minimizing weakness.


We’ve all been to exciting workshops, only to return to work… and the same conditions and bad habits. Break the cycle and ensure lasting results with one-on-one coaching.

At PointAbove, we define coaching as partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential, which is particularly important in today’s uncertain and complex environment. Our practice focuses on the needs and goals of both the individual and the organization. We honor the fact that each person is the expert in their life and work; and recognize that each is creative, resourceful and whole. Standing on this foundation, we see it as our responsibility to:

  • Discover, clarify, and align with exactly what each team member wants to achieve
  • Encourage each team member’s self-discovery
  • Elicit self-generated solutions and strategies
  • Hold each team member responsible and accountable for their goals

Turn-Key Event Planning

We know what it takes to execute first class seminars, workshops, conferences, and other types of meetings. We’ve spent years establishing relationships with hotels, equipment rental companies, caterers, convention and conference centers, promotional firms, entertainers and more. We know from experience where to get the best deal and how to execute a successful meeting within your budget. Just tell us what you envision… we’ll make it happen.

PointAbove Consulting LLC

We truly believe that workplaces have the potential to make the world better, empowering people to do more, achieve more, and live more of the life they want to live. 

Being in and learning to operate effectively within groups and teams is critical for business success. We always enjoy joining teams – jumping into your specific experiences, engaging honestly with real challenges and helping your team members harness their power to help one another

If you’re interested in improving your workplace – your personal performance, your team dynamic, or the culture of your organization – then we need to connect.

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